Traditional Pasta Sauces

Italian sauces produced according to traditional Italian cuisine, using top quality natural ingredients and neither colouring nor preservatives. 

Carefully selected ingredients, a passion for good food, always looking for old traditions and rediscovering the old recipes of Piedmont and Ligurian cuisine.

Originally from Piedmont (Italy), our range of traditional pasta sauces is made using the best quality natural ingredients. All products are natural, pasteurized and enriched with olive oil, without coloring and preservatives.

pesto-alla-genovese-100g pesto-alla-genovese-100g 2
Traditional Pasta Sauces

Pesto alla Genovese

A creamy and tasty sauce, worthy of a homemade pesto!
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Traditional Pasta Sauces

Rocket Pesto sauce

This rocket pesto is a tasty alternative to the classic "Pesto alla Genovese".
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Traditional Pasta Sauces

Arrabbiata sauce

Original Mediterranean sauce, very typical of Italian cuisine.
Traditional Pasta Sauces

Tomato sauce with summer Truffle

The summer truffle delivers a powerful aroma that goes hand in hand with the sweetness of the tomato.
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