Our risotto preparations are made of Carnaroli rice. Very famous in Italy, Carnaroli rice is often described as the king of rice. It is grown in Piedmont (Italy). The starch content of Carnaroli gives Risotto its creamy side so delicious, and its ability to absorb the flavors gives it a real gastronomic interest. His texture is firmer than arborio rice, which results in a creamier risotto that is much more difficult to overcook. The grains are also slightly longer and keep their shape better when stirred.

Discover a varied range of risotto with our truffle risotto recipes, risotto with porcini mushrooms, risotto with vegetables or Carnaroli rice to cook according to your desires!

Find our risotto preparation tips directly in our product sheets.

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Vegetable Risotto

It is enriched with various vegetables: peppers, carrots, onion, zucchini...
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