Sur le Sentier des Bergers is a brand of fine food products with unique and 100% artisanal recipes. The blend of flavours remains the source of all inventive cuisine, where new influences combine with the tastes of the past. Sur le Sentier des bergers aims to blend old flavours and new trends to create original and unique products, with scents of terroir ...

Sur le Sentier des Bergers...


A beautiful story to share, to taste, where authenticity and flavours mingle ... In past transhumance, shepherds brought stories and crops to share under the star that bears their name.

Sur le Sentier des Bergers perpetuates this generous tradition, with a palette of subtle flavours and scents of terroirs.

Heir to a long tradition of mountain trade, our original brand applies this innovative principle: adapt the recipes of yesterday to today's palates, giving the "culinary treasures" new inspirations.

Creations from fine products, unearthed over multiple routes, and reinterpreting the best culinary heritage.

Our philosophy

The blend of flavours remains the source of all inventive cuisine, where new influences regenerate the tastes of the past.

Our calling: mix old flavours and new trends to create unique moments of sharing, around original products.

Preserving the values of artisanal manufacturing, creating unique recipes with local products, and a minimum of ingredients.

We work hand in hand with the best regional craftmen, to constantly evolve our artisanal recipes, and recognize the Provencal and Italian terroirs.

The transmissions of the harvests during exchanges and journeys make up our collection of flavours.

Our culinary creations


A collection of artisanal spreads from Provence: tapenades and vegetables creams; to be spread on our hand-made aperitif breads from Italy.

Artisanal terrines with rigorously selected ingredients, made from certified pork raised in the open air in the High Alps (Hautes Alpes, France).

Hand-made tagliatelle dried on wooden trays, and creamy Carnaroli risotti.

Italian sauces and pesto, traditional and full of sun ...

And for the most gourmets ... Truffle creations and other gourmet delights: Truffle salt, extra virgin olive oil with truffle, truffle honey, truffle strips, onion confit with honey…

Our secret?


Unique recipes

Developed in collaboration with the best regional producers, in Provence (France) and in Piedmont (Italy).



To preserve the authentic flavours of our recipes, all our products are elaborated in a traditional way, thanks to regional know-how passed down from generation to generation.

Local products

Our recipes are based on local and seasonal ingredients, closer to the producers.

A minimum of ingredients

Our recipes are elaborated without additives and with a minimum of ingredients. All the ingredients of our products are written on the label just below the name of the product!
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