Sardines: A little fish that is good for the body and for the mind! We detail all its benefits.

Sardines are good for body and soul! It is also an ally of the wallet.

Sardines contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals: one can of sardines contains the equivalent of 35% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, 15% of the intake of iron, 10% of potassium and 45% of phosphorus!

Canned or grilled a la plancha, sardines are also rich in protein. It contains between 24 and 30g per 100g, but proteins are essential for maintaining muscle mass. 

Sardines are good for the heart!

Sardine preserves cardiovascular health. It is an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are known to help lower blood pressure. Sardines, along with salmon, are the fish that provide the most. Only 100g of sardines provide 1g of omega-3, or 70% of the recommended daily intake!

Thanks to its omega 3 and vitamin B12 content, sardines prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Sardines for anemia.

With 3mg of iron per 100g, sardines have nothing to envy to meat! She brings as much as the sirloin or entrecote. Iron is essential for the formation of red blood cells, blood cells of which about a quarter of women have a deficit.

How to consume it?

It is above all a question of taste and season. For a canned sardine preserved in olive oil or a grilled sardine a la plancha, its nutritional benefits are almost equivalent.

Fresh: its scales and eyes should be shiny, the sardine should be firm. The small sardines are grilled, the larger ones can be served in fillets.

Canned: Notice to gourmets! There is nothing better than sardines in vintage extra virgin olive oil.

Canned sardines are preserved in olive oil so that it permeates the flesh and makes the sardines tender. Several recipes exist to vary the pleasures: Sardines with lemon, butter and Guérande salt, tomato ...

Good to know: Sardines improve over time! The more time passes, the more it becomes tasty and melting in the mouth. Do you regularly return the box).

Come and discover our 6 sardine recipes in olive oil here:


Nutritional values of sardines in extra virgin olive oil:

Energy: 1487kJ / 360kcal • Fat: 31.6g • Of which saturated fatty acids: 4.9g • Carbohydrates: <0.5g • Of which sugars: <0.5g • Proteins: 18.7g • Salt: 1g.

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