Do you know the adage "food rhymes with health"? This is true, and in several areas!

Good nutrition is an essential component of health. It has a positive impact on our physique, but also our mind and our productivity.

Do you sometimes feel tired, tense, at the end of the roll…? We give you advice to regain all your energy!


Consuming dark chocolate helps increase concentration and protects brain cells, the many antioxidants it contains increase our level of endorphin. Dark chocolate also increases productivity because it contains caffeine which allows us to have better levels of energy, focus and alertness. It is an excellent source of magnesium, which improves learning.


These fatty fish contain Omega-3, a fatty acid essential for the body and for proper brain function. Indeed, consuming these fish is an excellent source of energy and has virtues for our brain because Omega-3 is involved in nervous balance, regulates fatigue, improves heart health and even prevents stress and depression. The protein, iron and B vitamins found in salmon and mackerel help improve memory and therefore be more productive.


This food contains very high amounts of vitamin B9 which converts fat into energy, and this vitamin has effects on mood and fatigue. Spinach also contains magnesium, potassium, and several vitamins which provide us with energy and boost our productivity.


Consuming these berries increases physical resistance, boosts endurance and memory, cures chronic fatigue and pain of all kinds. These berries allow you to have a better psychological state and will make you feel good! It is a super food that is packed with vitamins, minerals and trace elements that help you fight fatigue.


Eggs are great for boosting productivity and energy because they are a great source of protein. They also contain fatty acids, omega-3, and D vitamins which are important for healthy brain function. Eggs are high in choline, an essential nutrient for cognitive health. Consuming them in the morning will keep you full all morning and help boost your productivity.


In addition to being a very good means of prevention against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, green tea promotes concentration, memory, increases attention and reduces anxiety thanks to the theine it contains, catechins and antioxidants. The release of theine in the body helps you stay focused for a long time. Green tea is great for boosting your productivity and keeping you energized throughout the day, as some of the green tea extracts fight chronic fatigue.


This cereal rich in fiber and nutrients (proteins, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins B1…) is an excellent food to boost your productivity. Oats also contain carbohydrates and fiber that keep you full for a long time. The energy we seek to be productive is found in these carbohydrates that keep us efficient all day, especially if oats are eaten in the morning.


Sweet potatoes provide you with a flow of energy to help increase your productivity. They are very rich in complex carbohydrates, nutrients and are a source of vitamin A and vitamin C which have a role in the proper functioning of the brain. Consuming sweet potatoes allows slow digestion, stabilizes blood sugar levels and promotes feelings of fullness, so these potatoes help you increase your productivity thanks to the flow of energy they give you.


      Regular consumption of almonds can promote memory and learning. Almonds are very rich in nutrients, vitamin E which protect the brain from aging. They help increase levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that improves attention, learning and memory, which in turn boosts your productivity.


      Consuming broccoli regularly helps improve concentration and energizes the brain. In fact, this food is rich in vitamin C, it protects cells and is involved in the body's defense because it is rich in choline. Choline is important for cognitive health, essential for the nervous system, and helps focus and retain information. Enough to stay energetic for a long time!

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