The toast is incredibly easy and quick to prepare; and are ideal for a complete meal! They can be served as a starter or main course with a green salad or soup. As an aperitif, you can cut them into small portions to make tapas!


Do you have a busy schedule? Are you looking for inspiration in the kitchen? The sandwiches are your allies.

Simple and effective, the sandwiches will be a complete meal in 5 minutes flat!

The secret to a good toast? The bread !

A good slice of toast is essential. For more pleasure, consider varying the type of bread: sliced ​​baguette, wholemeal bread, country bread, rye bread ...

For a complete meal, we recommend a country or rye bread (very compact and more nutritious).

A sandwich doesn't need a recipe. It's the inspiration that counts (and what you have in your fridge).

A little tip all the same: a perfect toast must contain:

- Proteins: ham, fish, eggs ...

- Greenery for more freshness: green salad, endive, arugula ...

- Vegetables: tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini ...

- A few seeds or nuts, for more crunch!

- Possibly cheese: fresh goat cheese, mozzarella, bush ...


For hot toast; remember to preheat your oven, and brown them for a few minutes in the oven before tasting.


We serve the toast with an express salad or a bowl of soup.


The toast will be perfect for a quick meal, or for an aperitif with friends at home. In the second case; cut them into small portions and rename them Crostini!


All our toast and crostini recipes:

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